7 Online Computer Shops That Offer Great Deals For Gamers

7 Online Computer Shops That Offer Great Deals For Gamers

Are you a PC gamer interested in obtaining the best parts for your rig? You might be familiar with great and extensive sites like Newegg, Best Buy, or your local electronics retailer, but are there any other places where you can get the best deals for your gaming gear? 

There are a lot of major online retailers out there. The top 7 online computer shops for gamers can offer some great deals and discounts to be enjoyed. Whether you are looking for a hard drive replacement, or you need an entire new motherboard, here are the top online computer shops to get the best savings on the parts you need most. 


NCIX is a popular Canadian computer and electronic parts store that offers quite a huge inventory online. If you are in the United States, you can find the same amount of products through NCIX US, where parts large and small are found. 


NCIX is known to offer aggressive pricing. If you find something for a better price somewhere else, NCIX will often match that price or give you a great discount. This is a good place to start looking for deals on your preferred computer parts. 

2. Micro Center

Although they have a variety of storefront locations, Micro Center’s website is very impressive. The online store offers everything you could ever want, with pretty decent prices to boot. 


Everything is stocked in category and order, making it easy to find. You can reach out to a representative to look for a good discount too. 

3. TigerDirect

TigerDirect has become an impressive store over the years. Although it didn’t start out as the best place to buy PC and gaming products, it has developed into a large conglomerate which offers everything under the sun. Their website is extensive and vast, allowing you to browse everything you could need. 


There are fan newsletters published through TigerDirect which often contain discounts and promo deals for certain brands. Keep an eye on this website to find deals that will save you money next time you shop. 

4. Amazon

Amazon offers a huge mix of items, products, and discounts for the parts you need. If you are looking for just a singular part, you might be able to find it through an independent seller on Amazon. 


Many customers are adverse to Amazon, likening to eBay in terms of product reliability. However, Amazon puts retailers through an extensive and strict approval policy to ensure that only the best, unused products are sold online. There are always deals and promotional events going on too. 

5. Fry’s Electronics

Fry’s Electronics is similar to Micro Center in that it owns a huge website along with a number of brick-and-mortar stores across the world. This is a great place to find high-quality products and the best brands.


Fry’s Electronics does offer items at retail price, but you may be able to find a discount based on what you are searching for. Plus, a great customer service support system can help you put more dollars back into your own pocket.

6. Other World Computing

Other World Computing is largely for gamers, PC users, and Mac enthusiasts. With a variety of specialized Apple and gaming products, it’s a good place to find some items you may not be able to find for a good deal somewhere else. 


And since some of the items sold here are hard to come by, you may be able to convince some of the retailers to give you a discount. This is a good way to find some sweet deals that other gamers might not know about.

7. Best Buy

Best Buy is a reliable name in the tech and consumer industry. Whether you are shopping in person or online, you will always find items in stock. Best Buy’s website is a great online location for mainstream PC parts and gaming needs, and it can definitely be the best way for you to build up your PC gaming repertoire.


Plus, Best Buy sells games and devices as well. You’ll get every piece of gear you need at a reasonable price. 

Look for Promo Codes and Shop Today!

There are always promotional deals and discounts happening online. Try browsing these top 7 websites frequently, and look out for different deals they may be advertising at the time. You will be able to find ways to save money on your next purchase while enjoying your PC gaming experiences.


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