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What is My App Mods?

My App Mods is a one-stop-shop for all of your mobile gaming needs. We are avid gamers like you, and we love using our phones for pretty much everything – games, music, social media networking, and more – and we are happy to offer our services to our fellow gaming community!

Here, you’ll find a range of mods, apps, offers, and giveaways that provide in-game resources for your favorite games – completely for free. Absolutely no downloads, signups, or payments required.

How Does My App Mods Work?

Using My App Mods is easier than any other website promising free goodies for your games. All you need to do to get your free gems, coins, or resources for your mobile apps is to click on the generator of your choice.

Then, simply enter whatever username you go by in the game you are trying to generate resources for. Select the platform you use, answer some questions from our sponsors, and voila! You will get your free mobile game resources in a matter of minutes!

Okay, But What’s the Catch? How Can You Give Away Free Mobile Game Coins and Resources for Free?

We thought you might ask that! What sets My App Mods apart from all of the fake scams and surveys out there is that we work with sponsors who are able to provide us with these app mods and game codes for free.

Instead of just falsely promising to give away free stuff, we are actually able to give away free stuff. This is because our partners actually purchase these items and then they allow us to give them to you at no cost.

This is why we ask you to complete or click on some offers from our sponsors while your free coins generator works in the background. If you’re able to do this, it would help us continue to provide all of these wonderful resources to you for free!

How Do I Know That My App Mods will Never Ask for My Personal Information?

We don’t want you to feel unsafe or distrustful while taking advantage of our awesome resources. There are too many scammy sites out there that promise free goodies but make no effort to be upfront with you about whether they’d ask for personal information.

We will always be direct with you when talking about what we ask of you. In fact, we even have a contact form where you can reach out to us with any questions or concerns at any time.

The simple fact of the matter is that we don’t want your personal information, and we don’t need it either! We just want to give our fellow gamers some great free mobile game resources in exchange for clicking on one of our sponsors’ ads. In fact, not asking for your info or your money is what keeps us ahead of the game and what makes us more reliable than other free app mod sites!

And our sponsors will never ask for your vital information either. No signups, no downloads, and no commitments required.

What Else Does My App Mods Do?

In addition to the wide range of mobile apps and games we provide resources for on a daily updated basis, we also offer exclusive game guides and tutorials to help you level up the right way. Our items and availability update daily, so be sure to keep coming back to see what else we have in store!

We also have a blog of rotating articles and instruction pieces to keep you informed on anything and everything game-related. If you are interested in submitting a guest post, please fill out our contact form!

A Quick Disclaimer from My App Mods

My App Mods is not affiliated or associated in any way with the companies or owners of the brands, games, or apps featured on this website. We do not claim to represent nor communicate with these companies. We are a free site dedicated to finding the best third-party offers for your game.